PLAR – Unleash the Potential 27th Annual PLAR Conference

By on February 17, 2016


February 1, 2016

Dear Colleague:

I would like to take this opportunity to share with you one of the best kept secrets of the Quinte area: the Annual PLAR Conference. For over a quarter of a century, this Conference has been educating and helping people begin their journey of reaching their true potential through Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR).

PLAR is a tool that unlocks untapped potential by providing a way to identify, assess, document and recognize what a person knows, what they can do, and what they have learned from both formal and informal learning. This achieved learning can be and should be built upon rather than re-taught.

This Conference provides a unique opportunity for people who help others, such as teachers, guidance counselors and social workers, to learn how to advise those they help to use PLAR as a method to substantiate their learning.

The training provided at the Conference is invaluable for employers and human resource professionals looking to offer professional development within budgetary constraints. PLAR can also be a useful tool in succession planning for organizations.

At the Conference job seekers can begin to discover how PLAR can positively influence not only their career but their well-being. When a person is underemployed or marginalized it is detrimental to us all. Imagine the possibilities that would present themselves if everyone had an opportunity to unleash their potential! The benefits would be substantial, not just to individuals, but to their families, organizations and their communities.

Stay tuned as we release details on the scheduled sessions and plenaries in the upcoming weeks!

Learn more about how the 27th Annual PLAR Conference can help you unleash untapped potential.

Meet our sponsors and explore sponsorship options that will work for you!

Sent on behalf of the PLAR Conference Planning Committee

Elizabeth Nicholas, CHRP, CHRL

Chair, Conference Planning Committee




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